A P ECONOMY Course Topics
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1) Contribution of agriculture to income and employment in Andhra Pradesh. Land reforms in Andhra Pradesh – Need for Land Reforms – Structure of Land Holdings Forest and sown– Irrigated area – Cropping pattern – sources of agricultural finances – agricultural subsidies – public distribution system in Andhra Pradesh.

2. Five years plans of Andhra Pradesh – Outlays – Finance in public sector plans – Resource allocation pattern in the five year plans of Andhra Pradesh under develops after NITI Aayog.

3. Economic policies of A.P including industrial and implementation and mission based development state Government. Industries in Andhra Pradesh – Growth and structure of industries – Role of Small Scale and Cottage Industries – structure of Co - operatives – share of Co - operatives in total credit of Andhra Pradesh. Energy management

4. Service sectors of Andhra Pradesh – Importance - Composition and growth with special reference to Power, Transport and Communication, Tourism and Information Technology in Andhra Pradesh.

5. Socio Economic welfare Programmes of Government of Andhra Pradesh.